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If you’ve ever wanted to live your ideal retirement lifestyle, and use a tool that actually works to get there (hint: an unshakeable daily health routine), then please read every word of this letter… 
Learn How To Make Real Daily Progress Toward Your Amazing Retirement Life
A complete step-by-step toolkit and exact templates for making real progress toward your ideal retirement lifestyle goals
Hi there,

Do you think aging makes you less productive, less competent and less adaptable to change

Or maybe you’re just not feeling your best because you’re allowing yourself to believe that when it comes to aging, you're too old to make any real changes to your health and this is just the way it is… 

… or you think the way you age is dependent on your genes.

Or maybe you’re tired of living in the same rut. You might have a glimpse of what you want to change in your lifestyle and maybe you’ve even given a few things a try…

… but you can’t seem to get over your procrastination hump or make real lifestyle improvements stick.  

It’s not your fault. 

The media and our culture have led us to believe that aging is something dependent on our genes, and that it’s either out of our control or something to fear. There’s even some ageism happening where, when it comes to encouraging people to look and feel their best, seniors aren’t the focal point.
It's a MYTH that aging makes you less productive, less competent and less adaptable to change...
It’s no wonder most of our society is in denial about aging. And coming from a family with an Asian background, the level of respect for the elderly in our culture in the US is not nearly high enough… at least from what I’ve seen.

I grew up playing music in retirement homes (still do) and the number of lonely older adults who are waiting out their final days with dementia and Alzheimer’s and other terrible ailments is astounding… and tragic. 
The reality is without the right tools, guidance and accountability in place, it’s extremely difficult to make real healthy proactive changes on your own… to set yourself up for the best aging process possible.

Most of us need the right knowledge and a specific prescription to fully understand how to age successfully.
The great news is the right tools and the right formula are out there…
...they just need to be custom-tailored to serve seniors - instead of only the people who are at the peak of their career success.

You can change everything about your life right now if you just use the right tools.
Here’s the story of how my 66-year-old friend, who was diagnosed with MS about 10 years ago, uses a daily health routine to not only help with his condition but also to live the most robust and active retirement life of anyone I know.

When my friend was diagnosed over a decade ago, he had to adopt a very disciplined daily regimen to improve his body’s physical ailments, including his vision. I won’t go into too much detail about the specifics, but basically he had to focus everyday on a specific exercise that incrementally over time improved his vision by 70%.

He also applied this learned daily discipline to strengthen other parts of his body so the disease wouldn’t keep him down. 

Here’s the impressive part... 
He sticks to a consistent daily health routine in other areas of his life beyond his health… and as a result, this is what a typical week looks like for him (and I’m sure I’m missing some things):
  •  Practices his saxophone for 30+ minutes each day with weekly band rehearsals and private lessons
  •  Enjoys date nights and mini trips with his wife of 43 years 
  •  Spends time with his kids and grandkids and attends the majority of their extracurricular events
  •  Volunteers as a grant application reviewer (over 20 hours a week)
  •  Serves on the board at major national health organization
  •  Blogs passionately about his personal journey as a patient advocate
  •  Single-handedly runs an organization that empowers patients on their health journeys
  •  Books national speaking engagements in the healthcare industry
  •  Consults health companies from a tech-design and user-experience perspective
  •  Interviews with renowned podcasts and other media outlets to continue his patient advocacy work
And he considers himself retired...

That’s the power of an effective daily health routine. It can springboard your life into so many other fulfilling and meaningful activities. 
Want to live your ideal lifestyle...
... active, healthy, engaged and fulfilled? 

Adopting a reliable healthy daily routine is the most effective way to achieve that.
Some of the information you’ll be getting access to includes the same tools that helped some of my clients get great results. Here’s some feedback from some of my clients:
Cyn helped me gain so much clarity on exactly what I need to do to make subtle, lasting shifts in my daily habits. I immediately used the action steps we discussed and saw instant improvement in my mindset and productivity. She’s attuned and communicative, and I promptly felt like I could be open about my struggles. Her advice was exactly what I needed to make practical changes in my day-to-day routines. I truly got so much value from our session!   
- Carin Kilby
Cyn really knows how to ask the right questions about the ‘stuckness’ I’ve been feeling. I am good at making lists and creating a plan but it’s the execution that is SO difficult for me. Cyn really has helped get me into action to create results in the areas that I want to improve. I highly recommend her as a life coach.  
- Karen Heap
I fancy myself a mentally healthy retired person with chronic illness and disabilities. Yet I know that to stay mentally healthy and live at peak physical capacity takes work – good habits aren’t easy. For that work to be worth it, I need coaching. I can’t think of everything. I’ve been delighted with Cyn’s coaching and Second Wind materials. She has helped me navigate some challenges and fine tune my mental and spiritual center. Much appreciated.   
- Danny van Leeuwen
I think Cyn may be an angel. For me, she created a safe space for me to do some self-analysis, dream and practice self-inspiration. Her gentle nature couples nicely with her subtle, thorough and sound coaching style. Cyn knew how to help me acknowledge the dam issues and then destroy the dam issues – thereby releasing a powerful flow of authority and inspiration within. Now the right actions can take place. Thank you Cyn!
- Marcel Battle
When my dad recovered from his brain surgery (plus 38 rounds of radiation) in 2011, I spent five years trying to figure out why his “newfound appreciation for life” kind of went away immediately after his life normalized. 

He went back to his old habits of living a life of duty and worry - not super active, not super healthy both physically and mentally - and now he’s afraid to retire because he thinks he’ll be bored. 

Why did this happen?

I realized he, and so many other seniors, lacked the right tools to live up to their potential… the right tools that provide the mindset to take new action, stop procrastinating, and break bad habits. 

A daily routine is one of the most effective tools that so many successful people use to achieve their most ambitious goals - and they’re all so different and tailored to the individual. 

Check these out: 
  •  Editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine Anna Wintour’s morning routine consists of waking at 6:45am for an hour of tennis, then at 7:45am she has her hair professionally styled and is in the office for work by 9am (source: Thought Catalog)
  •  Ben Franklin stuck to a daily regimen and at the end of his work day at 6pm he would ponder, “What good have I done today?” for 30 mins before relaxing and recreating (source: When I Work)
  •  Ronda Rousey, American professional wrestler and actress, wakes up and eats a very specific breakfast of two teaspoons of oat bran, two teaspoons of chia seeds, and two teaspoons of hemp seeds before training. Her meals and training throughout the day are just as rigid and she ends her day with Chamomile tea (source: When I Work) 
  •  Charles Darwin took three walks each day - one before work, one in the middle of his work day and again at 4pm. He also rested twice during the day - once at 3pm and again at 6pm to read aloud (source: When I Work)  
  •  Author Tim Ferriss wrote a whole book dedicated to understanding the “tactics, routines and habits of billionaires, icons and world-class performers” and found that 80% of the people had one thing in common which was some sort of daily mindfulness routine (source: Tools of Titans) 
The list of incredible people who have a solid daily routine goes on...

Yet this common-denominator daily routine isn’t ingrained in our culture’s aging population, and so many retirees are missing out. 

Just take a look at some these stats (source: US News):
  •  48% of senior workers say they will exercise more in retirement than they do now… 
The reality? 
  •  35% of retirees say they get less exercise than they did while employed
  •  41% get about the same amount 
And most people’s eating habits stayed the same in retirement…
  •  12% of retirees say they now eat less healthfully than they did while working
Life is so short and fast...
If I can help seniors like you benefit from these tools that are targeted at peak careers, so you can live your ideal lifestyle, then I will have done my job. 
How To Get Started On Implementing Your Unshakeable Daily Health Routine
(how I can help you get there for just $14) 
If you’d like me to help you achieve all the steps listed above in the next 3 weeks or less then here’s what I have for you today…

It’s called the Unshakeable Daily Health Routine and it’s a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate a health routine into your daily life that will fit seamlessly into your current lifestyle with your current schedule and your current habits.

Here’s a little sneak peek into what’s waiting for you inside the Unshakeable Daily Health Routine:
  •  Give me less than 3 weeks of your dedicated focus and energy and I’ll give you everything else you need to turn make intentional daily progress towards your retirement lifestyle goals
  •  Think you need to simply set your intentions for the day and you’ll accomplish what you set out to do? Wrong! Too often life gets in the way. I’ll show you how to stop flaking on yourself and how to stop procrastinating on achieving the things that actually matter to you. 
  •  Learn the 6 critical steps to make your health goals a reality: how to fill your days with meaningful action and how to make real progress toward your ideal lifestyle       
  •  How to set yourself up for success each and every day so that you build up the habit of living a more healthy lifestyle with intention 
  •  Why it’s so difficult to change your behavior and the secret to making real progress toward your health goals
  •  How to find clarity: discover what really makes you tick so that you have a better chance at making your lifestyle vision and health goals come to life
  •  How your brain is designed to be an excuse-making machine and what you can do to counteract your autopilot behaviors and decisions
  •  5 key questions to ask yourself so that you have a clear understanding of your vision and why it’s important to set the right goals for yourself
  •  A better understanding of your energy level and how to use energy as a measuring tool as you make progress toward your goal
  •  An exact morning routine roadmap template and key components on what to include in an effective morning routine
  •  What it really means to commit to your scheduled times (hint: there’s an important distinction between the time to think vs. the time to act)
  •  How to break down your goals into micro-goals with micro-steps, so your daily action is achievable and fits right into your current lifestyle
  •  The secret to making your daily health routine last for the long-haul, so it’s not just another regimen that you’re starting and stopping
  •  The #1 reason why most humans naturally fall victim to procrastination
I charge a lot more than $14 for my private coaching service, where I help clients in 1:1 sessions implement critical steps to reaching their goals, which includes the information you’ll learn in this “crash course” guide. 

If you act today, I can give you all the basics for getting started toward your journey through the Unshakeable Daily Health Routine for JUST $14 (but only if your order asap).

As I mentioned earlier, it’s my mission to help seniors learn the tools necessary to help them age successfully in place and to live out active, engaged, fulfilling lives.  

Also my thinking is - if I give you the exact 14-day challenge that helps you improve your lifestyle starting with a daily health routine, I might earn your trust to help you further. 

I truly want to help shift our culture to uproot ageism - and by starting a movement where there’s more active, healthy, happy seniors that can help spread the right knowledge and use the right tools on how to age successfully, then it’s worth a shot.

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Order The Unshakeable Daily Health Routine For Just $14
When you order today you’ll receive the full 37-page step-by-step guide, key written exercises and morning routine roadmap worksheets for your 14-day challenge for immediate download. 

In this guide I will be walking you step by step through the following topics:
  •  Understanding The Power Of The Micro-Step
  •  Finding Clarity
  •  Creating A Mini-Goal
  •  Brainstorming Your Micro-Steps
  •  Time Inventory Of Your Week
  •  Creating A Morning Routine
  •  A Time To Think vs. A Time To Act
PLUS: Inside the guide I’ve created mini work session exercises where you won’t just be reading the information but I will be having you put that information into REAL and ACTUAL use so that you get the results you came here for. 

ALSO: You’ll get 14 worksheets of the exact Morning Routine Roadmap template to use for your 14-day challenge and beyond.  

If you’re looking for a way forward in the shortest time possible, this is it. 

Order In The Next 72 Hours And You’ll Also Receive…
Because I truly want you to succeed with this program I’m going to add an additional bonus for FREE!

YOUR BONUS: A Personal Review Of Your Goal

As you know, one of the most challenging pieces in making any real habit changes and improvements to your lifestyle is setting the right goal. Most of us create goals that are either too big and we get stuck on how to break it down into more specific achievable chunks. 

That’s why I’ve included a personal review of your chosen mini-goal during this 14-day challenge, to make sure it’s specific enough for you to be on the right track. I will walk you through a process that turns your goal into an effective micro-goal, and personally provide you with helpful feedback. 

Normally, the only people who get access to this type of review are my personal coaching clients, but you’ll get it FREE!   

Get All This For Just $14
But Only For The Next 72 Hours
As I mentioned earlier, I want you to have access to all this training and information because I want to impress you and prove to you that I can be a real asset in your long-term goals and vision as you build your ideal retirement lifestyle.

Plus, you’ll be helping to shift our culture to uproot ageism, by setting an example for both yourself and others around you... which is my mission.  

That’s why I’m willing to part with this information for just $14, but… 

… there’s a catch. 

You have to prove that you’re serious and purchase this within the next 3 days. 

I think that’s a fair deal. 

You get 82% off the regular sticker price just for acting now. 

If that sounds fair to you, then all you need to do is click below to purchase and instantly access your copy of your guide - Unshakeable Daily Health Routine: 
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
I want you to be able to make this little $14 purchase with absolutely ZERO risk. 

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Sound fair to you? 

If so then it’s time to decide whether or not you’ll splurge the $14 and invest in your future aging self with the Unshakeable Daily Health Routine guide. 

Click below to buy and let’s get started! 

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