Are you ready to live with more purpose and passion (and have more fulfilling experiences)?
Finally.. A Proven Step-by-Step Program...

That helps you accomplish more meaningful and exciting experiences during retirement,
even if you don’t have clarity on your next steps (and all the signs of a procrastinator).
I cringe every time I see only financial advice when I look up 'retirement advice'. 

Isn’t there more to life than just money? 

Even if you confidently answer “no” to the infamous “Am I going to outlive my money?” question...

What good is it if you’re sitting on a pile of money with no vibrance for life?

There’s soo much more than financial advice that can help you smoothly transition into your retirement life...

A life that you LOVE, full of passion, purpose, and exciting experiences.

When my dad was given a second chance at life in 2011 (after a wild brain surgery and 38 rounds of radiation to remove a tumor), his newfound zest for life immediately went to the wayside. 

I couldn’t believe it. 

He didn’t seize the day like he said he would if he were to live.

After he recovered (thank god) from his near-death experience ... all of a sudden he forgot what it was like to be so close to death.

He went straight back to the dad who worries a lot. 

The dad who plays it safe, and only focuses on working and building a comfortable nest egg. 

I get it - normalcy is hugely comforting, especially after a big stressor like brain surgery.


My dad too easily put his passions back on the back burner. 

He resumed his procrastinating habits and the notorious “I’ll do that when...” mentality.

He eventually became afraid to retire, thinking he’d be bored... and have no purpose, no relevancy, no youthful energy...

Eek... jumping back into his pre-treatment identity came a bit too naturally.

During his treatment, my dad was a different person. 

He became a new braver, more ambitious, risk-taking dad right before my eyes. 

That dad had a sparkling new chance to conquer his big dreams and passions...
  • Skydiving solo (which includes several tandem trainings, mind you)
  • ​Hugging his family every day (he’s not particularly affectionate)
  • ​Taking up photography again (he was a champion in his youth pre-digital era)
  • ​Road-tripping in a camper across the US
  • ​Purchase the sports car he always wanted
The list goes on, but dream details aside, the disappointing takeaway is:

None of it got done. 

None of it made it to the top of his to-do list. 

So... what happened?

I racked my brain for a few years, and then I finally found clarity.

I became a life coach and started working one-on-one with older adults (mostly in their 60s and 70s) and found even more clarity. 

Here’s the gist:

This generation in particular is so conditioned to put everyone and everything else first... 

... that it’s deeply engrained (both physically and mentally) to NOT take action on your biggest goals and dreams. 

Mostly in the name of security and responsibility, our culture enables people to have robust purposeful lives ONLY during their peak career and family years...

Then, sadly, when it comes time to retire, the “leisurely” life during retirement years doesn’t cut it. 
The old way of seeing life's phases is in three distinct chunks. 

The modern way of viewing life’s phases is in more interspersed phases. 

Here's what I mean visually:
And here's why it matters:

Our culture continues to enable the old stereotypical way of looking at life phases - and the older we get, the more we’re pushed to settle for stagnancy and just “take it easy.”

The result? 

All of these alarming stats are still on the rise: 
  • Alzheimer’s touches 1 in 3 of us at the end of life 
  • ​1.3 million are living in nursing homes instead of aging in the comfort of their own home
  • ​Divorce among older adults has doubled since the 90s as people are trained to be passive and settle for mediocrity and mundane routine 
  • ​1 in 7 baby boomers are treated for depression
Sadly, the more I researched, the more glaring the problem became (it’s no wonder both my grandparents were touched by Alzheimer’s, and why the average older adults watches 47.21 hours of TV per week). 

Bottom line - the stereotypical sedentary lifestyle among older adults has been cultivating in the background of our culture for too too long. 

Even if you don’t want to be pigeonholed into a retired life like your parents, tools beyond financial advice are not readily available to solve this problem.

After years of helping hundreds of people in this audience group, I see again and again attempts at an exciting retirement life that look something like:

  • ​Allowing bills, responsibilities, paperwork, and chores to reap most of your day
  • ​Limiting main calendar activities to doctors appointments and occasional travel
  • ​Joining a group or class short-term and letting the skills and momentum quickly wane
  • ​Watching too much TV 
  • ​Getting sucked into Facebook, online games, and other device addictions
  • ​Feeling guilty about not contributing/accomplishing much activity and, as a result, blindly signing up for something because you feel you’re supposed to
  • ​Starting and stopping projects (whether decluttering, launching a side business, or sticking to an exercise regimen)
  • ​Relying too much on your family or kids for events and activities
  • ​Thinking it's a “temporary” rut, yet allowing the holding pattern to become long-term 
The good news is: 

There’s a flip side to this and I’ve seen people turn their lifestyles around and accomplish the most amazing ambitious during their so-called retirement life.

Not only are they more active, healthy, and engaged, but they also have deeper more enriching relationships.
  • Imagine living life on your own terms - without the guilt.
  • ​Imagine having so much fun because you’re honoring your authentic self and aligning everything you do with your core values. 
  • ​Imagine making a difference in other people’s lives because you’re passionate about it and want to.
  • ​Imagine sharing your unique gifts and skills with the world, and contributing in a meaningful way that you never knew you could.
How much energy and internal motivation would you have?

How accomplished and satisfied would you feel? 

What would your life look like?
Your answers to these questions are critically important, and here's why:
When you share your unique gifts with the world
during this phase of life 
- through your passions and purpose -
both YOU and the WORLD are much better off... 
This is exactly why I created Rewire My Retirement.

So that you can live your best possible retired life and inspire others to do the same... 

And, in the process, shift our culture to uproot the stereotypes that cause ageism.

Rewire My Retirement is a step-by-step system that helps you identify your passions and purpose, and actively take clear next steps to pursue them - while killing procrastination in the process. 

The program will teach you how to experience the beginnings of a fulfilling, purposeful retirement life that’s more active, healthy, and engaged. 

You will gain deep life satisfaction and build vital momentum that sets the stage for accomplishing all of your life dreams and goals.
You can accomplish anything you want 
when you have the right tools...

Use Neuroplasticity to
Kill Procrastination

This program is based on neuroscience and specifically designed to rewire your brain and incrementally replace your bad habits with positive behaviors that lead you to your best life

Simply follow the program step-by-step to kill procrastination once and for all, without even having to think about it. 

By the time you implement your first goal at the end of this program, your behavior and mindset will be changed in a powerful way that lets you live each day with intention and achieve your biggest goals.  
We give you lifetime access to our signature 3-part system, so you can successfully apply it to any of your goals for the rest of your life. 

You will first find clarity on your most important passions, purpose and authentic selfThen, you will learn how to consistently take action toward your biggest dreams and protect them along the way. 

Simply put, you will learn how to live life on your terms with more passion, purpose, and love... without the guilt.

Light up Your Life With Our Signature 3-Part System

Balance Your Life Across
5 Rings of Retirement

Rewire My Retirement teaches you step-by-step how to balance your life across the 5 Rings of Retirement, and access the most amount of energy within each of these five core categories.

The program systematically walks you through key exercises and lessons that help you get the most out of each core area of your life.

You will learn how to align the 5 Rings of Retirement with your core values and truly authentic self.
Here's a sample of what you can expect when you join the program today:

  • Find clarity: discover what really makes you tick, so you can breathe life into the right passions and purpose for your authentic self (this is a huge factor in both your happiness and energy level)
  • ​Think you need to simply set your intentions for the day and you’ll accomplish what you set out to do? Wrong - too often life gets in the way. I’ll show you how to stop disappointing yourself and how to stop procrastinating, so you can accomplish the things that actually matter to you 
  • ​​Give me 15 minutes a day for 12 weeks of your dedicated focus and energy and I’ll give you everything else you need to accomplish your biggest goals and dreams, which have been repressed for so long
  • Learn how to set yourself up for success and intention each and every day for a more fulfilling and purposeful life on your terms (without the guilt)
  • ​Kill procrastination and turn your lack of motivation into consistent action that you can rely on for the rest of your life - to avoid unfinished projects and plans that you start and stop
  • The vital tools to help you combat the way your brain is hardwired to be an excuse-making machine, which prevents you from accomplishing your biggest goals and dreams
Here's What You Get When You
Join the Rewire My Retirement Program
This is the most complete personal development training you’ll find because it has been specifically designed to help you build your ideal lifestyle as an older adult in today’s world… not just learn how to find your passion. 

It’s not just a course on a diet and exercise regimen, or how to only financially plan for retirement.

It's much more comprehensive than that, and it's got a built-in rewiring system that helps you kill procrastination to make necessary and lasting changes in your life that you really want.

Unlike other programs, classes or events, this one is designed to make real lasting changes over the long-term

Here’s what's included:
  • ​Lifetime Access to the Rewire My Retirement program
  • ​Retirement Life Assessment
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • Goal Achieving Toolkit
  • ​Unlimited Q&A Email Support from Cyn Meyer
  • ​Morning Routine Roadmap + Templates
  • ​Goal Setting Review + Feedback
  • Lifetime access to the Rewire My Retirement program - 24-hour access to the daily lessons and key exercises, which are designed to help you clarify your authentic self, goals, and life with exact steps on implementing the system.

  • Retirement Life Assessment - You will take a brief assessment at the beginning and end of the program to capture a snapshot of your current state and measure your results after the 12 weeks. 

  • Private Facebook Group - Join our exclusive private Facebook Group of other students going through the program, a unique supportive community of like-minded people.

  • Goal Achieving Toolkit - All the tools you need to achieve any goal. Refer to this toolkit anytime you get stuck.

  • Unlimited Q&A Email Support from Cyn Meyer - Submit your questions any time. Cyn personally answers every question directly to you in a private email message.

  • Morning Routine Roadmap + Templates - Your exact daily plan for implementing any and all of your goals. This workbook includes daily roadmap worksheets that serve as a template for how to lay out your specific micro-step and mindset for the day.

  • ​Goal Setting Review + Feedback - During your 4-week goal implementation at the end of the program, you will receive personalized weekly feedback on your goal setting and progress.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Schedule Your Free Call Today for
Extra Exclusive Bonuses
Most programs like this one - with all the coaching, exercises, tools, and instruction included - sell for several thousands more. 

However, if you can commit to actually using this information (and not just buying it to sit unused on your digital shelf) I would like to give you a two exclusive special bonuses for being a proactive action-taker

If you're a hard worker and someone who takes action, I want more people like you in my programs - I also understand this is the best way to reward your determination and desire to be successful. 


3 Monthly Private "Focus" Sessions With Cyn 
Cyn will personally provide three private Focus workshops with you to make sure you're on track to achieve specifically what you want.

This includes three 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions, where she'll help you get unstuck and quickly toward your dream life. You will discuss your current situation in total confidence, and outline an exact plan with specific next steps. 

You will leverage the power of accountability, years of expertise with pre-retirees and retirees, and specialized personal attention.


1 Decluttering Diagnosis Session With Kim 
There’s more to decluttering than meets the eye!  

In this exclusive bonus session, you will meet with 15-year decluttering pro Kim Sneath to pinpoint the main problem area in your home clutter, what it means, and go deeper into where blocks need to be removed. Kim uses an inside-out approach by coaching the person who has the clutter, rather than focusing on the house that has the clutter in it. 

You'd be surprised at how physical decluttering lends itself to mental decluttering. Combine this with the clarity, focus, and rewiring system of Rewire My Retirement and soar into your best retired life.
The 14-Day Guarantee 
You Can’t Ignore
This program will work if you work it. 

But… if you don’t get results, I don’t want you to pay.

I’m just not like other life coaches or teachers out there. I don't want your money unless you get the results I’ve promised. 

Here are the details:

If you put in the work (and document everything you do), and you follow what I teach without overcomplicating or thinking your way out of it simply because it's something new and challenging, and you access my coaching for help, and you STILL don’t get results… 

… I’ve give you a full refund within 14 days. 

What other personal development program can say they’ll do that for the success of their students? 

More importantly:

What is it worth to you to make the most of your retired lie, 
and actually achieve the things you've always wanted to do?

If you can avoid the typical boring, sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle, 
plus all the health issues and medical costs that come with it - what is that worth to you?

If you were to do all this on your own...
using trial-and-error, exploring your options with no clarity,
enrolling in a multitude of programs,
and hiring several coaches and therapists, how long would that take you?

And how much would that cost you? 

If you’d like to receive special access to Rewire My Retirement,
plus two extra exclusive bonuses offered for a limited time only, then click the button below to 
Schedule a Free Breakthrough Session and see if you're a good fit for the program: 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Inspiring Success Stories

Here's what some past students are saying about their Rewire My Retirement experience:
"Rewire My Retirement was a godsend."
It helped me develop a different approach to how I start my day, which is now my resolution practice. It also validated the path I was on and helped me develop a more structured, organized, and effective approach
to reaching my goals. 
- Lawrence M. “Doc” Nelson, McLean, VA
"The system has specific concrete steps to follow that you can
repeat for future goals as needed."
I needed help defining where to go from here. I also wanted to be an example for my daughter who was having a very hard time over the loss of her brother. With these tools, I was able to reach my goal of selling my house and relocating to a new home.    
- Joyce Miller, Sandy Springs, GA
"Never ever did I think
this would happen to me!"
I am now enjoying more fulfilling activities than ever before. I'm learning to play the guitar, write poetry, and for the first time in years, I'm in a new romantic relationship that has more promise than any other relationship I've been in. These tools will help you achieve anything. 
- Donna Privette, Columbia, SC
"It really is a very helpful system and well laid out for our success." 
I really appreciate the Rewire My Retirement program and Cyn's commitment to her students - her encouragement and commitment to me are very helpful and motivating.
What I have learned is that there is wisdom in those morning sheets. They help reinforce my focus on the goals, keeping them in the forefront, and the 
micro-steps make the goals doable.
- Mary Rowe, Portland, OR
"For the first time in my life,
I'm living in the present."
Through the program, I developed positive daily habits of focusing on myself, my growth, my passions, and my core values. And now my retirement is aligned with it.
- Steve Bram, Charleston, SC
"Cyn has helped me navigate some challenges and fine tune
my mental and spiritual center." 
I fancy myself a mentally healthy retired person with chronic illness and disabilities. Yet I know that to stay mentally healthy and live at peak physical capacity takes work – good habits aren’t easy. For that work to be worth it, I need coaching. I can’t think of everything. I’ve been delighted with Cyn’s coaching and program. Much appreciated.   
- Danny van Leeuwen, Boston MA
"It’s amazing. You can call it a coincidence, but I’m not sure about that."
Rewire My Retirement taught me how to rely on the process each day. Rather than looking at the progress of the big picture, I learned how to focus on today’s picture – which makes a big difference.
 It’s so comprehensive with all the different parts that we need to address as we retire.
- Brad Auten, Scottsdale, AZ
"Give yourself the key to unlock what resonates for you at this stage of life.
I found Rewire my Retirement when doing a web search quite by accident. I knew that I had to make the investment in myself. It felt like this was the time, just months after I'd retired and was facing the question, what is next for me?

It takes some time, but the tools you learn will benefit you immediately. You just might uncover something of interest to you, that you had forgotten about, or that you didn't even know existed. Thanks Cyn, for this fantastic program! 
- Theresa Fowler, Tulsa, OK
"It's fun to be 92 and continue learning."
Even if you know where you’re going when you retire, Rewire My Retirement is something you need to look into for the very fact that you may find things hidden. We all need to be encouraged often, and if you don’t get it at home, you can get it from Cyn through this program. I would definitely want to see you go ahead and do that…
- AnnaBelle Marshall, Mission Viejo, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

To make it more convenient for you,
below is a list of FAQs that people like to consider before joining the program:
Q: “I'm not used to spending this much on myself. Is this program right for me and will I really get results?” 

In short: Yes, you will have success with this program because it's based on neuroscience and literally rewires your brain to give you the results you came for. 

The longer answer includes some radical honesty: most people are unsure about joining the program at first. 

They admit to me they are skeptical. 

And I understand why. There are soo many empty promises made out there and a lot of people are taken advantage of - sadly, I too often hear about people's fear of being scammed. 

This is one reason why we made the 14-day money back guarantee + references from others who have gone through the program before you, available to you... to give you peace of mind.

More importantly, though, the other piece of radical honesty is: 

Yes, you're probably not used to spending money on yourself, let alone for personal development (maybe therapy - and in those terms, this is a much more productive bill, but I digress...)   

... And that's the problem.

If you're like most people, you're used to spending money on ONLY things that help you survive, not thrive...

This is why I so often see people who aren't sure at first about joining the program who do take the leap of faith and commit to change, experience such remarkable results.

I've found that the most successful people step out of their comfort zone, and invest in themselves in a hugely important way that elevates the trajectory of their life... 

It's not just about money, either. 

People who aren't used to investing in themselves across the board - whether it's time, money, attention, self-care, self-love, growth, etc. - quickly learn how vital it is to do something out of their ordinary ways and learn something new.

By opening up to the right tools, you learn how critical it is to invest in yourself - not just monetarily, but also with time, clarity, intention, self-awareness, gratitude, and growth - so your life becomes more fulfilling, full of energy, love, passion and purpose...

For you and your loved ones.

I've seen this time and time again, and it's too wonderful not to share...

If you feel resistance, you're not alone. 

Most people are trained to put everyone and everything else first, particularly this generation. 

People who aren't sure at first about investing in themselves - as soon as they commit to the program, they take a symbolic step into a wildly satisfying life.

Anyone, including you, can learn how to truly take care of your authentic self to nurture real joy that ripples into every part of your life and relationships.

You just need a proven system in place to follow exact next steps and uncover your ideal lifestyle, which is what Rewire My Program does for you.

Q: “What can I learn from someone who's younger than me and NOT retired?” 

I'm calling out my elephant in the room: I'm in my 40s and not retired. What do I possibly know about retirement?

As a certified life coach, I've helped hundreds of people in this specific audience since 2017. Personal development is for EVERYONE. I happen to be passionate about serving this important audience of older adults, and I am grateful I get to connect with and help people like you every day. 

The more I get to know you, the better I help you soar.  

Also, the types of tools I teach in my program normally target people in their peak performance "career" years. 

I specifically designed and tailored this program to help people transitioning into their "retirement" phase of life, so they can live a more active, healthy and engaged life than the stereotypical norm.

Shifting our culture to uproot ageism in this way is my mission and purpose. 

Q: “I don't want to make any drastic changes to my life. Is this program going to be overwhelming or too hard for me?” 

Too hard? 

Absolutely not. 

This is not a diet and exercise regimen as if you’re signing up for a gym membership. This is a personalized program that will teach you to adopt good daily habits and use a growth mindset to chase after what you really want in life. 

Your version of an active, engaged healthy lifestyle is so different from the next person - this course allows you to improve your life on a very personal level that works with your unique daily life.


Not overwhelming, because the course is broken up into incremental daily micro-steps... it's based on neuroscience and rewires your brain in the background. It will be challenging and stimulating as you reveal important Aha moments.

Also: It’s never the right time make real improvements to your life, no matter your age or what's happening in your life. (Some of the most successful people join the program amidst during a chaotic period of their life, and use the tools to help them manage stressful times.) 

This course is tailored to your unique life phase and focuses on meeting you where you currently are... it empowers you with the right tools to strengthen your best behaviors and mindset.

If you think you’re too old for change, then you’re like most people who are led to believe that the way we age is dependent on our genes and other things out of our control (like how old you are, the normal aging process, and existing medical conditions). 

In this course, you’ll learn how combat this popular belief that the way you age is dependent on your genes, and you’ll learn to focus on the things that you can control… like your environment, your lifestyle and your behavior.

It won’t be easy-peasy but that’s a good thing. 

Not only does the good stuff happen outside your comfort zone… 

...but you also need to create growth experiences for yourself because when it comes to your brain - you either lose it or use it. 

You’ll learn a lot more this about adopting a growth mindset inside the course, but in a nutshell:

If you’re not challenging yourself you’re not growing. The more you seek challenges and put in the hard work, the more you’ll grow. 

Note of caution: 

If you don’t really want change, this program isn’t for you. 

This course is going to require you to put in the work, even if just a little bit each day, for the next few months. 

I hope you’re overwhelmed in the best way possible with all the growth and meaningful experiences you'll gain.

Q: “How much time to have to put into this course each day?”

It’s more important that you commit just a little bit of time each day instead of worry about blocking out bigger chunks of time less frequently.

It’s not even important to worry about completing all the exercises and video modules… what’s most important is that you exercise consistency

  •  Consistency in dedicating some time to yourself.
  •  Consistency in giving yourself the chance to have new growth experiences and to make some real changes in your life.
  •  Consistency in allowing yourself the chance to achieve your ideal lifestyle goals. 
If you can squeeze in 15 minutes each day dedicated to watching the tutorials and doing the exercises you’ll benefit from the program. 

And of course, the more time you commit to it, the more likely you’ll experience bigger results. 

Q: “I’m perfectly ok with my lifestyle the way it is. I’m not depressed or too stressed about anything. Is this program right for me?”


You deserve to live up to your potential, and chances are, that’s something you’re not currently doing right now…

What if you were to thrive, instead of just survive?

If you’re feeling like everything is just “meh” - you’re likely living on autopilot… which means thousands of decisions are being made for you by your subconscious brain day-in and day-out…

...And when that happens for too long, your brain health declines, your zest for life declines and your physical health declines. 

You’re a perfect candidate for turning this around.

This program will help you dispel your beliefs that slowing down and living a life of mediocrity is simply the way it is to age. 

You can get results. 

You can achieve your ideal active, healthy and engaged lifestyle.

You’ll learn the exact tools you need to makes changes and improvements to your life. 

It’s a 12-week program, and the time will pass anyway… 

… You might as well give yourself the chance to step out of your comfort zone and create some amazing growth experiences for yourself.

You deserve it, and your brain craves it. 

Q: “I’m a procrastinator. I’ve started and stopped a couple of activities before and none of them seem to stick. How is this program different from the other things that I’ve tried?”

I’m going to call you out on some procrastination... 

...which means you’re probably an ideal student who may benefit the most from this program. 

We’ll be working on specific tactical ways to kill your procrastination once and for all. The longer you allow yourself to “not feel like it” the more time you waste not living up to your potential… and worse, the more you’ll allow yourself to accept inactivity as a way of life. 

And... If you’re not used to being accountable for unfinished projects or incomplete goals, wishes, and dreams, then this program is definitely for you

Accountability has likely been missing from your life, which is why you’re still procrastinating and continuing your bad habits... and why you’re craving change.

Again, this course is not for you if you don’t really want change. 

If you want to continue to stay stuck and unmotivated, and you don’t want to put in the work, then please don’t sign up. 

However - you will learn the exact tools needed to make positive, healthy changes in your life, so that you can start to live a vibrant, active, healthy lifestyle on your terms. 

You’ll be running your days, instead of your days running you (no matter how busy or not-busy you are). 

Q: “How active are you inside of the support group and as an instructor/coach?”

You have access to me every day and can ask questions through email or the Private Facebook Group, should something come up throughout the entirety of this 3-month program. 

More importantly - you have access to me personally in both our 1:1 "Focus" workshop sessions and unlimited email support. 

One of the things that I pride myself on is that in an industry where most people charged thousand dollars for some videos and then forget their students forever…

… I focus on building relationships, coaching to success, and having my students get major results in my programs.

I’ve created a program that is hands-on and interactive because the more successful you are, two things will happen:

  •  I’ll be able to reference your wildly successful stories as case studies and testimonials to help more people do the same
  •  By living your ideal retirement lifestyle, you’ll be setting an example for others around you…
...which means you’re helping to shift our culture to uproot ageism. 

And that’s my mission.

Most of the info out there related to the contents inside this program is tailored to people who are in “peak performance” mode or at the height of their careers. 

What about the aging population? 

It’s my job to bring you a uniquely tailored set of tools, to help people like you live your best next chapters and inspire others to do the same. 

This is why I’m so focused on getting you real results. 

Q: "Can you tell me more about the guarantee?"

It's very simple:

If you do the work, and it doesn't work for you…

… I don't want your money.

I’m truly on a mission to help improve the lives of seniors so they’re set up for successful aging and to help shift our culture to uproot ageism, so taking your money without delivering results does not align with my mission nor does it rest well on my conscious.

That's why there's a 14-day guarantee.

But, one thing I can't stand are users, abusers, and people who blame others for their own shortcomings.

That's why, I will 100% back this program with a 14-day guarantee only if you are willing to commit to actually sitting down and doing the work. None of this is going to fall from the sky and onto your lap without some real effort.

Let's not beat around the bush, you are going to have to put in some work.

Meaningful, helpful work that will honor your authentic self and true passions.

A lot of work? More like challenging work with big rewards.

Consistent work? Yes, you'll need to show up as often as you can to make this work for you.

If you can do that, I will make sure I do everything I can to help you get what you came here for. 

Otherwise, if you don't get the result you came here for after doing all the work for 14 days (including 1:1 coaching calls), you don't pay.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
"If you look back and see all the things I’ve done, it’s really amazing."
I was a person who would dream of all these things, but the action was keeping me from doing it. I wasn’t sure at first, but once I got into the program, I was really pleased with the whole experience. I’m more self-confident, calm, consistent, and a more positive person. I’ve even improved my relationship with my husband. I loved it.
- Paulett Amburn, Chesapeake, VA
 "Cyn is a gifted coach and an expert on everything to do
with aging and retirement."
I retired at age 71 after a busy and rewarding career as a filmmaker, professor, and author. I was casting about, feeling uncertain, and realizing that I was in unfamiliar terrain. Being retired was a new and unnerving experience. 
I love her emphasis on growth, giving back, health, community, achieving goals, micro-steps, and living an engaged, active lifestyle. I highly recommend Cyn's program to any seniors who are interested in making sure their final decades are the best years of their lives, brimming with fun, engagement, love, companionship, caring, creativity, good health, and giving.
- Chris Palmer, Bethesda, MD
"Now I have a nice basis for why I will retire."
Cyn’s program has given me the courage to move forward in this new life of retirement. Now I have a nice basis for why I will retire.
- Sue Camaione, Bethesda, MD
"I now have the clarity I was lacking before on how to move forward
as the best possible me that I can be."  
It was such a pleasure working with Cyn. I was looking to make some changes in my life and Cyn came along at the right time with the right tools I needed. I learned a lot about myself through her course and have been able to accomplish things I would never had tried before. Her one-on-one coaching sessions were most helpful to me. She was always there to remind me of the progress I made, even if it was baby steps. 
- Mary Zimmerman, Highland, MI
"I can see how this is going to be a huge impact on the rest of my life."
The powerful tools I learned in the program help me get through life's challenges. You can pretty well get through everything if you use the tools. They're now a part of my everyday life. 
- Steve Gardner, Oakdale, CA
  • ​Full Access to the Rewire My Retirement program
  • ​Retirement Life Assessment
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  • Goal Achieving Toolkit
  • Unlimited Q&A Email Support from Cyn Meyer
  • ​Goal Setting Review + Feedback
  • ​Morning Routine Roadmap + Templates
  • BONUS #1 - 3 Monthly "Focus" Private Sessions with Cyn Meyer
  • BONUS #2 - 1 Decluttering Diagnosis Session with Kim Sneath

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P.S. This might sound strange, but for what it's worth - you can absolutely achieve the life you want

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