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"Rewire My Retirement, to me, was a godsend. It helped me develop a different approach to how I start my day, which is now my resolution practice. It also validated the path I was on and helped me develop a more structured, organized, and effective approach to reaching my goals." 
- Lawrence M. “Doc” Nelson, 71 - McLean, VA

"I fancy myself a mentally healthy retired person with chronic illness and disabilities. Yet I know that to stay mentally healthy and live at peak physical capacity takes work - good habits aren't easy. For that work to be worth it, I need coaching. I can't think of everything. 

I've been delighted with Cyn’s coaching and Second Wind Movement materials. She has helped me navigate some challenges and fine tune my spiritual center. Much appreciated.." 
- Danny van Leeuwen, 66 - Boston, MA

“I tried retiring once and faced many challenges. I was not aware of how much being an executive director was part of my identity.

Through the program, I developed positive daily habits of focusing on myself, my growth, my passions, and my core values. And now my retirement is aligned with it. For the first time in my life, I'm living in the present."
- Steven Bram 66 - Charleston, SC

“I thought I knew a lot about personal development. But I wasn't able to focus. I didn't have a structure or plan. 

The powerful tools I learned in the program help me get through life's challenges. You can pretty well get through everything if you use the tools. They're now a part of my everyday life. And I can see how this is going to be a huge impact on the rest of my life."
- Steve Gardner, 68 - Oakdale, CA

"At age 71 after a busy and rewarding career as a filmmaker, professor, and author, I retired and was casting about, feeling uncertain, and realizing that I was in unfamiliar terrain. Until I met Cyn... I highly recommend her program to any seniors who are interested in making sure their final decades are the best years of their lives, brimming with fun, engagement, love, companionship, caring, creativity, good health, and giving." 
- Chris Palmer, 71 - Bethesda, MD

"I was looking to make some changes in my life and Cyn came along at the right time with the right tools I needed. I learned a lot about myself through her course and have been able to accomplish things I would never had tried before. I now have the clarity I was lacking before on how to move forward as the best possible me that I can be."  
- Mary Zimmerman, 62 - Highland, MI

“I was a person who would dream of all these things, but the action was keeping me from doing it. The program and life coaching model taught me to take action and align my life with my core values. I’m more self-confident, calm, consistent, and a more positive person. 

If you look back and see all the things I’ve done, it’s really amazing. I loved it.”
- Paulett Amburn, 68 - Chesapeake, VA

"I needed help defining where to go from here. Cyn offers specific concrete steps to follow (not just generalizations) each day and provides coaching support and accountability. She took into account what was important to me and provided options and suggested resources on various ideas. 

I learned a process that I can repeat for future goals as needed.”
- Joyce Miller, 73 - Sandy Springs, GA

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